Glycerin Soap

The essence of nature in your skin, with The Artisan Soaps VidaMami, you will come into contact with nature, keeping your body healthy and your skin hydrated.
A portion of the proceeds from our sales are donated to children´s heart hospitals in Venezuela

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With the purchase of a box of soap take a free towel + bag!

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With the purchase of a box of soap take a free towel!


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Soaps VidaMami

Excellent solution for the care and maintenance of our skin.

6 Soaps + Towel

With the purchase of a box of VidaMami soap take a free towel! .

Customer Reviews

I loved the product, they have a delicious aroma, they are natural and their gift towel makes this product ideal for a gift, I recommend it 100%. Once I run out, I'll buy it again. Congratulations!
Jhon Anzola

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Excellent soaps for skin care, the box comes with 6 soaps of different fragrances and additional a gift towel, leaves very good sensations, I highly recommend the product.
Irene Rodriguez