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More than a shop it is the experience of being able to enjoy the aromas of nature in your skin, your care and your intimacy when bathing. The skin is the most important organ of our body, so we bring you handmade soaps, without chemicals and 100% natural..

 How is this idea born?

One afternoon I talked to my father about the importance of family and how valuable a son is to a father, because they drive us, motivate us to continue dreaming. As I spoke to him, we created the name of our brand; this arose from the initials of my children and my nephews, all of Grandpa’s grandchildren.

VI: Victoria

DA: Donato and Antonella

MA: Mateo and Marthina


MI: Mia.

“Our son “DONATO”, was born with Congenital Heart disease, and at the age of (1) year unfortunately dies in Venezuela. So we decided to donate a large part of the proceeds from this product to hospitals in Venezuela.

¡Excellent soaps for skin care, the box comes with 6 soaps of different fragrances and additional a gift towel, leaves very good sensations, I highly recommend the product.
Irene Rodriguez

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